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SHSAT Prep Online Classroom offers test prep lessons online – combining PrepMate’s proven methodologies, flexible schedules and affordability. The detailed online lessons offer comprehensive, high-quality test prep to give necessary skills to get high score in this test.

What is this course for?

This online classroom course helps to prepare for New York Specialized High Schools Admission Test (SHSAT).

What is in the course?

SHSAT Online Classroom consists of 48 structured online lessons covering both math and ELA sections of SHSAT.

In the first part of the course, math topics such as fractions, percents, proportions, algebra, geometry, etc., are reviewed and students learn valuable math techniques to solve typical test questions and their variations. Plenty of examples have been included to demonstrate how to solve typical problems in about 60 seconds each.

ELA lessons illustrate answering strategies for typical questions based on reading paragraphs. Special vocabulary lessons have also been included to improve comprehension of reading selections.

Hundreds of math and ELA practice questions are discussed and solved in the second part of the course. Smart answering strategies, valuable guidance, tips and techniques have been offered to understand and answer math and reading questions. Many lessons also include do-by-yourself exercises with answer keys in math and reading.

This course provides solid foundation in arithmetic, algebra, geometry and related topics. Specific topics include arithmetic exercises, fractions, ratios & proportions, percents, pre-algebra exercises, statistical problems, algebra equations, algebra word problems, geometry exercises involving angles, area, volume, lines, triangles, polygons & circles, probability, inequality and more.

PrepMate’s Online Classroom lessons have been meticulously created using the same successful and result-oriented methodology practiced in PrepMate courses which have helped hundreds of students to get specialized high school admissions in New York, Virginia and other places.

Yes, PrepMate’s Online Classroom offers the best test prep lessons to boost test score in SHSAT.

Note: This course does not include full length practice tests.


Online lessons include all necessary courseware such as topic explanations, sample questions and do-by-yourself exercises with answer keys.


There is no eligibility criteria to register for this course. This Online Classroom Course has been designed to benefit students who’ll be taking SHSAT in New York.

This course may not be relevant or useful to students who will NOT be taking the above Test.

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FREE Lessons

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Total number of lessons

This course offers 48 online lessons and does NOT include any in-person lessons.

Lesson Schedules

Upon registration, students will have access to dozens of initial lessons in both math and English. More lessons are added every week based on progress made by the student.

Internet and Device Requirement

This is an online course and therefore, you’ll be required to have a reliable Internet connection and a suitable device such as a PC, laptop or tablet. Cell phones may not be suitable to take these lessons. Please watch the FREE lessons, as mentioned above, to determine if your device is suitable to take the course.

Course Schedule

Upon registration, students may take any lessons in the course, at any time, from any location in the USA or other countries, using any compatible PC, laptop or tablet.

Course Duration

Students may register anytime for this course. Registered students may start taking lessons as soon as they receive confirmation email after the registration.

The course ends at 11:59 p.m. on November 11, 2018, for all registered students taking this course.

Course Fee

Regular Course Fee: $299 (one time payment).
Special Offer Now: $199 (one time payment).

How to register?

Registration for this course must be done online with a major credit / debit card. It’s simple and easy, requiring just an email address and no other personal information. Our server accepts payments using secured online payment systems of Paypal, Braintree and Stripe.

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Parents may also register for this course by visiting PrepMate locations in New York with prior appointments. Please note that payments are accepted by cash only at PrepMate locations.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Full refund will be offered if a registration is cancelled within THREE calendar days after registration. No refund will be given if a registration is cancelled after THREE calendar days after registration. Please call (212) 470 7110 to cancel a registration.

Please read our Terms of Sale, Terms of Use, Refund Policy and Privacy Policy before registering for this course.

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