PrepMate’s SHSAT Practice Tests

PrepMate Practice Tests for SHSAT

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PrepMate offers professionally-prepared practice tests for 7th/8th graders to prepare for SHSAT. Each book contains SIX (different) practice tests.

Each practice test – prepared in SHSAT format – consists of a Verbal Section (45 questions) and a Mathematics Section (50 questions). The book also includes a bubble-in answer sheet and an answer key with explanations.

Recommended by many schools and teachers, PrepMate’s book of SHSAT Practice Tests has helped hundreds of students to prepare for SHSAT and bag admissions in Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech and other specialized high schools since 2004!

Price: $60 for 6 practice tests.

Online orders received before 3 pm on business days will be shipped the same day. Orders received after 3 pm will be shipped the next business day. Orders received on weekens will be shipped on the following Monday.

How to use PrepMate SHSAT Practice Tests?
PrepMate’s SHSAT practice tests have a compilation of challenging problems in both math and verbal sections. Many questions in math section involve applied math, multistep questions, advanced algebra and geometry problems – which account for high score in SHSAT. Some students may need professional guidance to practice some of these problems.

Since these problems are at a higher level, some students may take more time to understand and solve these problems.

PrepMate’s SHSAT Practice Tests are numbered 2 to 7 in decreasing order of difficulty in math – meaning – tests 2, 3, and 4 are comparitively harder than tests 5, 6 and 7. Therefore, it is recommended that students practice the tests in reverse order from 7 to 2.

PrepMate’s Scrambled Paragraphs Practice Tests
Click to see a sample page PrepMate will soon be releasing an exclusive book of scrambled paragraphs. Please visit this page soon for more info.

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PrepMate’s SHSAT Test Prep Courses
PrepMate Learning Center offers effective, affordable SHSAT Test Prep courses in Flushing (Queens), Middle Village (Queens) and Manhattan (New York).

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FREE SHSAT Practice Test (Mini)
You may download a Mini SHSAT Practice Test for FREE. Click here to download!

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